Green landscapes

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Landscapes have always been a favorite subject for me. Check out these two semi-abstract collages that I think are influenced by the art of the Far East. These were featured in my first one man show at the Subway Gallery in 2009

Also, recently an art student from London also wrote a poem about one of these pieces

Green landscape

How rich how lush
here in the forest
How emerald green!
A sanctuary
for my eyes.
A still quiet whisper
of rustling leaves
Healing for my ears.
How soft how soft
the floor of the forest
under my feet.
I am home.

– Karolina Christopher 2013


Green landscape- 2009 – acrylic and papyrus collage 55 x80 cm


sam chamberlain artwork


Silver storm – 2008 – acrylic and paper collage 59 x 85 cm


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