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Marketing on the social web

Businesses these days do not just have a website, but should also combine this with a social media presence and strategy. Samsara has many years of experience using social networks and social networking tools to help with marketing and can offer technical setup and business advice on specific topics or devise a social media strategy from start to finish

Social media options

Samsara has a experience with various areas of social media marketing

  • Setup, managements and best practice for Facebook pages
  • Setup, managements and best practice for Twitter accounts
  • How to get and keep followers on Twitter
  • Twitter tools and integrations
  • Using other systems like Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr
  • Integrating social media with your website
  • Multi-channel, social media strategy

Case study

Using social media to promote Brand X (coming soon)

To discuss how we can help with social media please contact us