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Kalara International Properties is a real estate company based on the tropical island paradise of Koh Samui. Whether it a luxurious stay at one of their hotels you are interested in, a lovely holiday rental or if you are interested in buying property in Thailand, Kalara are the people to see

The project was a big one involving a full re-design and re-launch of the site and also included adding new functionality. Also the site was built to be “responsive” so that it works in different browsers and at different sizes including for the iPad and for mobile phones.

Much bespoke PHP, JavaScript and CSS coding work was done, including take basic, blank WordPress “theme” and heavily customize it from scratch. Also a number of technical modifications were made to “plug-ins” that were used

Another complex aspect of the project was the migration of thousands of property listings from the old site to the new one. Additionally a new, faster and more reliable hosting platform was implemented for the site and also for the other Kalara sites and systems, such as email

Watch this space for more Kalara related projects in the future ..and in the meantime visit the site and be amazed by the beauty and luxury of what Kalara has to offer