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The Sloth Appreciation Society is the creation of hip TV presenter Lucy Cooke, soon to be a household name, with an upcoming wildlife series for the BBC. While traveling in Costa Rica she visited a sloth sanctuary and fell in love with the mellow creatures and this lead her to make the hit TV program for the Discovery Channel, Meet the Sloths. At the same time she flooded the Internet with pictures of sloths; in her words – “the equivalent of grade A cute crack!”

A website was clearly needed ..and needed fast

Working with Lucy on the design and structure of the site and also with the groovy Illustrator Charly Clements who designed the site banner, a concept was arrived at and work began. First an appropriate WordPress theme was chosen and then this was heavily customized. While development was ongoing the sloth domain names were re-organised and pointed at the site and also hosting was setup

The project took less than two weeks from start to finish

The site has lots of great content about sloths, including pictures and embedded videos. Also links to:

The site also has many other features such as

  • Social linking and social embeds
  • Contact forms
  • An integration with the popular mass emailing system, MailChimp
  • Full stats about the site via Google Analytics

The site works across all browsers, but also uses what is called a “responsive” theme so that it changes to enable proper viewing with smaller screen sizes, mobile phones and the iPad. The theme styles were additionally further customized to ensure optimal viewing across all these devices

Visit the site, and if you like it sign up for the Sloth Appreciation Society!